July 2014


Hampshire and Hydration – the key to T20 success? Michael Main S&C Coach tells us more…..

An integral part of maintaining physical performance is hydration. In addition to adequate intake of fluids it is crucial to have the correct balance of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to optimize performance. Power athletes such as 100m sprinters may be less concerned by dehydration due to the short nature of their events, compared to those athletes which compete in more endurance based sports/events where sweating and subsequent fluid loss is more apparent. Dehydration can have several negative physiological effects on performance, including: Reduction in blood volume Decreased skin blood flow... Read More


Stay on the ball (Don’t take the off season off)

As the sun continues to shine and the World Cup sticks you to the sofa we caught up with Matt Lovell, currently sprinting round London Fields daily…. “Tiredness and fatigue often start compromising your chances of making fitness gains and overtraining is a real threat.  There is a clear benefit in taking some full rest to allow the neuromuscular system to recover from the year’s match-schedule, training and diet.  Overtraining also has many psychological effects, so some rest will help keep you mentally fresh. However, too much absolute rest will... Read More