March 2014


Progress Report: Daniel Farrell Transformation!

You may remember Daniel from one of our featured blogs last summer! He got in touch with us at Kinetica with his weight loss transformation, which was – I’m sure you’ll agree – incredible! Over 6 months on, we’ve checked in with Daniel to see where he is at now, and what his aspirations are… If someone had of told me 5 years ago that as an overweight 19 year old with no confidence, I would go on to become a personal trainer and look to compete in bodybuilding I would... Read More


Bryan Keane: Prep for Auckland World Series!

Written by Kinetica ambassador Bryan Keane: I have escaped winter and slowly my body is being replenished with Vitamin D after being deprived of sunlight all winter at home. I have fled to my training group in sunny Australia (!), a stark contrast from the cold weather at home with forecasts of 28 degrees for the coming weeks. Don’t forget the sun is an occupational hazard in my job, 5-6 hour days of hard training are being put in and I have begun to settle into a good workload and... Read More


Jonny Senior’s Kickstarter Klub Experience!

About the author: Jonny Senior, 21 Southampton, Psychology Student, @jonny_senior Endurance runner, motorcycle racer (2nd in the South East for U21 class), non-drinker and hard worker. Aiming for selection into Sandhurst Royal Military Academy after completing Psychology BSc at Southampton Solent University. Enjoys nothing more than Raptor Vest weighted runs and climbing mountains.   Kinetica Kickstarter! So there I am, in the midst of London Fashion Week, all of the high and mighty fashionista’s snarling at me in my gym kit, while sweating from having to sprint around the Underground... Read More


Whey Protein Explained

Here at Kinetica Sports, we recognize the questions people have about whey protein and the use of whey protein in their diet, and so we use our long-standing expertise in the area of protein manufacture to answer them. Whether you’re interested in whey for exercise or healthier living, check out our fancy new infographic! It’s full of whey protein facts, which will properly inform you on: Where it comes from Different types of whey protein Benefits of whey protein If you should be taking it Why you should take whey... Read More