November 2013


Brand New Joint Support Formula from Kinetica Sports!

Joint pain and stiffness can really interfere with long term training and exercise goals. You would be surprised by the number of athletes – professional and amateur – that suffer from aching knees or sore joints. Do these symptoms sound familiar? Whether the pain is fleeting; coming on from time to time, or continual, we at Kinetica have spoken to many sports men and women about the dangers of ignoring these symptoms, and equally the benefits of addressing them and looking after your body. When you think about it, the... Read More


Double Headers with Leicester Riders!

During the basketball season it is common for a team to have a double header weekend, back to back fixtures or with a day’s recovery in between, often having one home and one away. Considering there are teams in the BBL from Glasgow, Plymouth, and Newcastle, there is plenty of travelling to be done before and after games. So, how do teams cope with their training loads during the week and recovery between games over the weekend?   Training Volume and Intensity As full time Strength & Conditioning coach it... Read More


Using Kinetica: Andy McKenzie

When training athletes and clients, I always look for the minimal amount of exposure to training stress to get maximum results.  It’s exactly the same view I have on supplementation. I am not after a skull busting pre-workout that is going to over stress a nervous system before it’s even finished movement preparation – that is my job as a coach; I want to systematically deplete through physical brutality and make sure they are ‘in the room’ when I am coaching and not on a face-tingling high. They have to... Read More