October 2013


London Irish – An exercise in improving Body Composition pre season

Body composition is a massively important part of what makes a successful rugby player. Improving lean muscle tissue and losing fat mass will not only make them look more athletic it will have a hugely positive impact on speed, agility and fitness. The ability to improve all these characteristics could potentially be the difference between winning and losing in the Aviva Premiership. When skill levels are equal the winning team is invariably the stronger, fitter team. At London Irish we have invested a huge amount of time and effort in... Read More


Kinetica partners up with basketball’s Leicester Riders!

September 2013 saw the beginning of a promising relationship between Kinetica Sports and championship winning basketball team Leicester Riders! As part of this collaboration, we will act as official sports nutrition partner to the Riders, supplying them with the highest-quality, premium products throughout the coming year. Our interest in Leicester Riders is simple. Basketball represents a growing sport with a great heritage, and demands an incredible amount of dexterity, energy and strength from its players. We have ensured that our exciting, first-class product range can go toward catering for these physical demands and help... Read More