August 2013


Weight Loss Transformation!

This blog was written by a loyal and dedicated Kinetica customer, Simon Wood-Nolan. Below, he details his weight loss journey and what it took to achieve his desired results. #WhatMatters   It all started in September 2010 when I was making wedding plans with my now wife Hayley. We wanted to secure our wedding venue and date so we had a meeting at the hotel we had chosen. After our meeting at the hotel venue and their mention of the 3 month leisure membership it dawned on me – I couldn’t... Read More

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The Life of Bryan: Part 4

Written by Kinetica ambassador Bryan Keane: I said goodbye to sunny Ireland last week for the even sunnier Spain. I’m out here right now with my Australian training group for the last 11 weeks of my season, with four races left, so the big push is on. Having had to live out of a bag for 5 months in Australia earlier on in the year, I decided that I didn’t like having only 2 t-shirts to wear so I loaded up the car and took the boat to Spain. Off... Read More