April 2013

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The Life of Bryan: Part 1

Written by Kinetica ambassador Bryan Keane: Right now I’m really happy.  4th place in my first World Cup Race this season, 32 seconds behind last year’s Olympic silver medallist Javier Gomez. I am finally back in the game. Let me rewind a little. Growing up I was into everything; my mother often says if there was a three-legged race being run I’d be out to win it. I swam, rowed, cycled and sailed. I ran right through my teens, and was a particularly good cross country runner, representing Ireland at... Read More


Kinetica: Endurance & Recovery 101

The rising popularity in intense and long distance endurance events mean that the demand for appropriate supplements is continuously growing. These supplements help support energy levels and permit athletes to recover from gruelling training sessions faster. By developing unique blends of carbohydrates, proteins and other functional ingredients discussed below, Kinetica have addressed this demand in the market and developed a range that will help you achieve your endurance and fitness goals, and allow you to perform at your peak for sustained periods!   100% Recovery Muscle recovery supplements are typically... Read More


Block Periodisation and Tapering for Strength Sports

Made of #What Matters – Rob Palmer With the European championships only 4 weeks away, I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk through the training periodisation and tapering strategies I employ for preparing me for elite Powerlifting competition. When preparing for any competition you have to take a long line of sight as to where and how you want to see yourself performing in that competition, for me it begins 12-14 weeks beforehand.   Block Periodisation This type of periodisation was created and developed by Russian sports... Read More