August 2012


Noony’s guide to playing (and staying) in France!

When I moved from Newcastle Falcons to play for Brive in the top 14 I knew it there would be differences on and off the field but like others who have made the change I didn’t realise how much. Having been at Newcastle for 10 years I wanted a big change and that meant new club, league, grounds, opposition and a whole new culture. Stereotypically the French are known for their relaxed lifestyle, their love of coffee, wine and good food and of course for their lovely climate.  Whereas, the English... Read More

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In Season Strength Training To Keep You On The Pitch

It’s 2 weeks to go before the new season starts and I bet your already experiencing the Sunday morning shuffle as you try to recover before another week of training.You have already ‘felt’ that the standard of rugby in the amateur (and professional) game is on the rise.  The demand from coaches to get bigger, stronger and faster now falls on the shoulder of every player regardless of position. However. There is no point in having all that ‘pre season’ mass if you can’t move it around the pitch for... Read More


Gym and Fitness – what’s hype and what’s good practice!

Summer will be over quicker than the Jamaican 4 x 100m relay team and at this time of year it can sometimes be difficult to navigate your way around the confusing and contradictory world of gym and fitness hype….. to help Kinetica Fitness Ambassador Jon Denoris dispels a few myths and answers the questions you have been emailing in… With research still demonstrating that up to 80% of people who join a gym quit stop after six or seven months, there is a real need to unravel some of your... Read More


Burgess Hill get “Trained by the Experts” at London Irish

  On Tuesday we spent the day at Sunbury in the company of London Irish and Burgess Hill Rugby Club – the self titled “All Blacks of Sussex”. The club had won the competition that Kinetica ran in Rugby World magazine to get trained by the experts. The day was designed to give the players of the Sussex club some insight into how a leading Premiership Rugby Club train on a week to week basis and with their first friendly coming up on Friday night against Nottingham the Exiles have... Read More


Matt Lovell’s Bitesize Games tips (Week Two)

First race, first game or first hurdle as long as there’s still more to come another day, post match is crucial  Replacing lost carbohydrates and fluids is essential post match to ensure the next session can be resumed at an adequate level during the week. Ensure that you drink 750ml of water for every 1/2 kg of body weight lost during play. Try not to drink this all at once but stage it over the next few hours. Make sure that in addition to the post workout recovery drink you... Read More