July 2012


Nutrition Tips For Match Day

This is a question that has come up a lot in the past, so we got Matt Lovell to offer his knowledge on what is the best way to prepare for afternoon games and what you should eat. Its match day, your game is in the afternoon, you might not be hungry but at least you’re on home turf. What should you eat? The best nutrition plan to follow is the one you’ve been performing on up till now and you should not make drastic changes to your existing pre match strategy... Read More


Matt Lovell’s Bite-Sized Nutrition Tips

With “The Games”  kicking in over the weekend, we asked Elite Sports Nutritionist and Kinetica Sports Ambassador, Matt Lovell for his bite-sized nutrition tips for particpating in events.   Water ideal intake and source. Basic rules about water (for an Olympian) Avoid tap water as the build up of pollutants used to neutralise the organic threats can themselves lead to illness and disease.  So if you are not using the sponsored Olympic water makes sure its filtered (water ionizer). It might not be as hot as Soeul (!), but a 2% loss in body... Read More


Kinetica Gower Triathlon – More Than Just A Triathlon

Continuing on from our already busy summer of events, we made the trip to the stunning village of Port Eyon for the award winning Gower Triathlon last weekend. The race is specifically staged on a Saturday to ensure that a full weekend of fun can be enjoyed by all the athletes and their families.The Gower, which had been voted the British Triathlon Event of the year had everyone eagerly awaiting for the race to start.  With close to 400 competitiors participating, the weather was perfect  and there wasn’t a ripple in the sea when we arrived at 0630... Read More