May 2012


Snowdonia Slateman Tri – A Great Success

Over the weekend, Kinetica made the journey to the beautiful village of Llanberis,”the unofficial outdoor activity capital of Wales” to be part of the Snowdonia Slateman Tri. With 750 competitors and Kinetica there as sports nutrition supplier, it was going to be a truely great event among the slate mines of the village.  The event, organised by Always Aim High was a massive success in which they managed to double the amount of entries from last year. The 2012 Snowdonia Slateman triathlon will live long in the memory of local people, and visitors... Read More


Kinetica Sprint Tri Championships – Valentia Island

Last weekend against the backdrop of amazing scenary and fantastic sunshine, the Kinetica Sprint Distance Triathlon took place on Valentia Island. Droves of athletes arrived early on the island to organise their gear with precision engineering for when they came out of transition. Once all athletes had strategically placed their garments, checked and re-checked their bikes, the Island ferry was on hand to bring them back to the main land for the start of the race. From a distance we could see hundreds of black swimsuits bobbling on the edge... Read More


Triathlon Race Day – Nutrition

Considerations of Glycemic Index (GI) Carbs are arbitrarily divided into slow-release (low GI) polymers and faster release (high-gi) examples. Sugary, high GI carbs are great for recovery from exercise as they get into the muscle faster than you can say… “ultra-endurance athlete”! However, carbs have the effect of switching-off fat oxidation; they muscle their way to the fore and become the body’s primary energy source. This is all well and good for a sprint athlete – but for triathlon we want to spare some glycogen, burn some fat, and keep... Read More


Nutrition for Triathlon (Part 2) Fuelling Recovery

Elite Sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell, has put together this article that will offer professional insight on that will aid recovery after a Triathlon, or any endurance event. Nutrition for Triathlon – Fuelling Recovery is the second article by Matt that can be used as a guideline for your training. Fuelling Recovery Carbohydrate replenishment to fuel subsequent days racing must begin immediately post training. This may better consumed as a series of smaller servings, rather than a large meal, while it becomes increasingly important as the competition goes on, to provide quality... Read More