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Bryan Keane

In 2009 Bryan Keane finally reached some of the goals he set himself years ago to compete at the top level of international sport. Although his success appeared to come suddenly for some, to the people around him it was the result of years of hard work and dedication.

Mastering a sport that involves three disciplines can take a long time and although Bryan didn’t know it back then, the foundations to his success were being laid more than a decade ago here in Cork. From the age of 12, Bryan’s mum Margaret got up at half five every morning and took Bryan to Mayfield Swimming pool to train with the Dolphin club.

In time Bryan also ventured down to Leevale Athletic club one September evening and began another five years of racing and training, but this time to considerably more success than in the pool.During his time with Leevale Bryan became one of the top junior athletes in the country and has the rare honor of being able to say that he won a team Bronze at the European Cross Country Championships in Slovenia in the year 2000. In Dublin after graduation he began cycling competitively with Dublin Wheelers and again was no stranger to success, being selected to race twice for the Irish national team. Next stop was Belgium, where Bryan spent two though seasons living and racing with the Sean Kelly cycling academy.

Whilst travelling in Australia Bryan’s winding road finally reached a destination. He started triathlon initially to meet people whilst living in Sydney but soon it became apparent to him and those around him that the years spent running, swimming and cycling back home made him a natural at this new sport on the other side of the world. Before long he was winning races and creating waves in Australia, the ripples of which slowly began reached Irish shores.