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Recovery - 100% Recov

Recovery - 100% Recov

Kinetica’s range of Recovery Supplement is designed to deliver the nutrients your body needs fast and to help rapidly replenish depleted energy stores. 

Recovery supplements are designed to assist you in quick, effective muscle repair  to provide you with new energy sources. Here at Kinetica Sports we provide the best supplements for recovery which have been vigorously tested by an expert research team to ensure you have the safest, best researched and most dependable sports nutrition on the market.

If you regularly train or work out at an intense level then this will push your body to the limits, which is why taking supplements for muscle recovery will help to  increase muscle growth and strength on your body. Although training and working out is extremely good for your body, heart and health it is important to put important nutrients back into your body to keep you strong and protected from damage.

Here at Kinetica Sports we have set the benchmark by offering you a 100% Recov supplement products. The recovery supplements are offered in three excellent flavours and are to be taken 15- 30 minutes after exercise to maximise recovery and replenish glycogen stores.  The reason for this is that blood is still in the muscles and so taking products before this 15 minute window may not be as affective. We now have a new fuel gel product that contains 81mg of caffeine and also a 100% Energy product.

One of the main reasons it is important to take recovery supplements is because we can’t possibly get everything the body needs from just eating food. Recovery supplements repair any damage and energy you have used when training intensely which will allow you to keep pushing your body by giving it the extra strength, power and energy that it needs.

A key point to remember with recovery supplements is that you need to find a happy balance with a healthy diet and use the recovery supplements as for an added boost for your body.

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